Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Burgs a Gourmet Goodness

I remember we were on the Veera desai  road - Mumbai on our way back home, but I was too hungry and so was Ninad, so he asked me to go to burgs the famous burger joint.
I had to try this as in Nagpur we don't have a good burger joint and apart from that

I have had heard a lot about burgs before from Ninad, So my exception was high on it :)

There are not many who specialize in selling burgers like Burgs. The variety of burgers offered at Burgs like Teriyaki Chicken, burdy num num and may more are just deliciously mouth watering  They even have  Indian flavors on their menu and which adds a new dimension to it.

The Burgs in Mumbai & Pune is a gourmet burger joint which is not only a food joint but also a perfect hangout destination and you can spend time with your friends and loved once for hours and hours.

The Interior and everything looked good to me from the outside

And it was great inside as well, I pretty much liked the White & yellow combination interior with the yellowish lighting and the burger lamp on the top was the best part of it.

Their wall had the like us on Facebook &  follow us Twitter poster, as you can see in the picture.

People were enjoying their burger and we were waiting for ours....

My Super Model

After 5 Min he started waiting, as he actually was very hungry cause before coming to this place I asked him to hunt for few other options finally we landed here :p

Thinking when will he get to eat his yummy burger..........

Me Smiling looking at him :p

Finally we got our order without waiting much

Right side is mine doesn't it look yummy oh! I couldn't just wait to have a bite of it

Ninad  had

Birdy Num Num - Rs.169
[Description: A chicken patty with a centre of gooey cheddar cheese, fried crisp; topped with ketchup.
It's a heart warmer]

I had

Teriyaki Chicken Burger - Rs. 169
[Description: Teriyaki glazed chicken breast, grilled to perfection. Topped with a delicately spiced green onion aioli to give your burger flavours of the orient]

I just loved my burger as it was juicy and all rich with the sauce.

They have got a verity of sides and sauces in their menu which you can order for out of which one is the cheese sauce which i really loved and is a must try and they are not too expensive as well for me the experience at burgs was a value for money.


Interior:- was a 8 out of 10 as there was few thing missing like when we entered there was no music playing which is a big turn off for me at-list, but the white and yellow combi takes my heart, for me a lounge sitting was missing cause a burger is like a luxury food and it can be enjoyed more if they had a nice lounge sittings.

Staff:- 7 out of 10 as they were busy chatting with each other and they were all very casual and me being from the hospitality background cannot really digest it.

Services:- 10 on 10 as we were delivered the order really fast and that was the best thing.

Taste:- 9 on 10 there is a little space of improvement other wise it was all good and tasty for me and must visit again.

Menu:- 10 on 10 very pocket friendly and has a good verity loved it.

Amazing thing for the Mumbaiyas is they deliver your burger on call as well

You can also place an order from Food Panda which a famous on-line food ordering site.

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