Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Recent purchase, for my recent Passion

My recent passion that is photography which grew up when I saw beautiful picture updates from friends.
I have been waiting to buy a camera since a long, long time but some or the other reason kept me away from buying it.

When first I desired to buy a camera I had a point and shoot in ma mind silly me but then when I saw a friend with a DSLR I thought why not invest for a better one? Hence I decided to buy a DSLR camera but then brand decision was the difficult part in it cause some brand has fantastic bang on futures some are very user-friendly.

 It was almost a month research and I was confused between Nikon D 3200 & Canon 1100 D, but then finally I decide that I’ll be purchasing a Canon 1100 D.

Looks great isn't it?

WOOWWWWWWWW! So the Story beings now……

I still remember the day I was finally going to buy the camera my excitement spoke out loud by my status on what’s app ‘Canon 1100D here I come’ 
A little filmy that sounds isn't it, but it had to be…… as after a month I finally decided to buy my dream camera as I had a budget of 30k, 1100 D was fair on my pockets.
I received a message from a friend saying ‘what’s up and what’s all about Canon 1100 D why are you planning to go for this toy,
And I replied to it that it has taken me a month to decide so please now don’t confuse me with a new option……..
On this my friend replied ‘hey! Friends never confuse they help to decided the best and I have a great option for you, why don’t you come to my hospital this evening’ (oh hello I forgot to tell you my this friend is a Doctor)
 I replied ooo! Oh! But I had to buy my camera today………
He again replied to this ‘At list have words with me before you finally put in your money’
Oooook!!!!!!!!! Was my reply to it.
I then hopped on my scooter and went to his hospital and he welcomed me with a glass of chilled shake which he ordered before I was there.
I some how wanted to round it up ASAP so that I rush to the shop and get my canon baby…….
Doc went inside his cabin and came back with a black oldie bag, and handed it over  to me and said hey check this out, when I noticed it was a canon 60D the beauty in the oldie bag, A big bubble thought rose on my head that he has planed to donate it to me by looking at the way I badly want a camera :D and I looked at him with a puppy face but he pin blasted the bubbly thought on top of my head and he replied hello you can try it for a week as I don’t really need it this week and then you can decided weather you want 1100D or you want it to be upgraded to 60D, I have a friend who works at the canon dealers and I can get you a handsome discount on it, so take a week and finalize my friend.
My eyes started twinkling on the thought of getting myself a 60D…..

I was rushing to buy a camera, the reason being my elder sister was getting married.
So I had few pre wedding ceremonies at home which I wanted to cover with my camera, it was the month of December when doc gave me his 60D machine and I returned home with it to which my mom kept me asking why did you buy an old piece of camera,
Mommy it’s my friend’s camera which he has lend me for a week to decide on the camera, was my reply on her question.
The pre-wedding ceremony in our language we call it jai-ragada, in which we pray to the god and offer him the first wedding card as a respect and then five ladies grind green gram on a stone grinder and then make small dumplings out of it which is then sun dried and why that’s done I don’t have a clue.

This is the first picture that I clicked with doc’s Machine canon 60D, Super cool colors and I was actually impressed by the quality of the pictures.

That’s my mom’s friend who was preparing for the pooja.

That’s a custom which I probably will not be able to explain you but then this was the part of the ceremony.
The red once are the wedding cards, my choice :p

That’s my aunt doing tilak to the stone grinder which is called sil batta in Hindi with which the ladies will grind the green gram with

The wedding cards…….

I actually was waiting big time for the ceremony to get over and how could I just gulp a ladoo out of it,
These are the kanpoori ladoos which just melt in your mouth in short they are amazing

Ceremony started, and now the ladies are offering prayers to god.

Now this is what is called Jai-ragda, the actual ceremony of the day finally it started

Now that’s one other custom that we call as guua pooja,
Guua means betel nut which are soaked in turmeric powder and then tied in a cloth and sent to the Lord Jannath as that’s our kul devta

That’s shasht deep (6 Lights) which was light at the beginning of the ceremony I find this picture so divine.

Now those are the green gram dumplings in the making….

Can you see the two big dumplings in between they are called bride and groom and the rest are the baraties :p

If you wish to know more about Oriya Wadding you can go on Wikipedia

Well now that the ceremony is over let me click my own picture
I almost forgot a photographer cant click self :p but you can see the Doc’s camera that’s 60D with an 18-200 lens.

A week got over and, dad went to return the camera to doc as I was keeping busy with the office stuff…..

I told doc a big thanks… for lending your black beauty but I won’t be able to afford it as it’s almost a lack, and apart from affording I don’t want such professional camera as I just want it for lifestyle photography, so he said oh then you can go ahead for your 1100 D.

I took a friend with me to finally buy my canon 1100 D and this time I was pretty sure to buy it.
Altaf h.Vali is a very well known and an old Camera shop out here, I walked in the shop and there were so many cameras focusing on me through their sexy lenses I could see from the show cases. I asked the shop keeper about 1100 D and a so much expected reply ‘Madam this model is being discontinued from the company but I have an old stock would you want me to pull out one for you or do you want me to assist you with another piece?’ I thought if a piece which has already been discontinued from the market then why go for it so I asked him to get showing me a new one.

He showed me the real beauty that was Sony Alpha A 37 which is not a DSLR and was a DSLT will if you wanna know the difference between an DSLR and DSLT check this out and you can also check out the range of Sony Cameras Sony SLT-DSLR-camera.
I asked him to bill me as it priced the same what I planed to spend and I also got a UV filter with it, a nice bag from Sony and after few days they also sent me a screen guard :)

I finally own a Sony Alpha a 37 now and I will be using it for my feature blogs yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Recent Purchase Sony Alpha a 37, for my recent passion photography!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this Deb, loved ur clicks.. Now checking out all the camera's listed in your post .. :)