Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holi Hai

Holi is festival of colors, festival of love and more over a festival of joy and full on hungama & masti for sure.
Its been a long time that I have gone made over playing Holi but this year I wanted to play Holi big time.

So Mom, Dad & I went a fot the Holi shopping day before Holi and we were ready for the Holi day and i shopped my bit so that  I could prepare my Favorite Holi drink that is bhang, I tell yo the bhang thandai is awful, and it is a must have Holi drink, you must give it a try in your life time and you will only enjoy it when you are all wet with those bucket full of water thrown on you by your friends and then you run after them and make your self that thirsty tired.
If you wish to try out bhang thandai next year you must try this recipe Bhang-thandai-recipe, though i dint use this recipe as I had one of my own signature recipe which probably is liked by all at my place.

Can you see how refreshing a Bhang Thandai Can look......................

Well that's my brother-in-law who has been painted all silver by one of my friend so just to cool him down I have given him Bhang which also brought a smile on his face.

The friend who painted My darling brother-in-law, look what he did to me, complitly made me look like witch

That's my Darling Dadu.

Sr.Witch accompaniess Jr.Witch

Why Would Snowy be an exception on this day :p

Rassagullas for the visitors

We enjoyed a lot :)