Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day with My Sony DSLT Alpha A-37
Photography with my New Sony cam is so cool as you might have read my last blog My Recent purchase, for my recent Passion I promised to come up with my clicks with the cam so that's what I am doing....

Here you go

That's my darling Snowy :)

Those are my balcony garden pot flowers

This is flower of the Sona leaves tree that we use to give on the occasion of Dushra

When I was clicking all this beautiful flowers I saw this bird, So I thought lets click it

The Moment I started clicking it there was one more bird who came and sat beside this first bird and then I noticed something amazing which you can seen in the pics below

The First bird sees Right when the second bird sees right

Then the second bird sees left when the first bird sees left

May be it dint worked between them :p

I then saw this notorious creature who was jumping from here to there

It was time to return back home now as it was about to sunset

Cloud painted orange by The Sun

Good bye and See you soon in a new Day with a new blog!

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