Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Daspark Hotel

Have you ever thought of weird things? How weird & what were they?
Have you ever thought of Spending a Night in Some park Sleeping In a Drain Pipe Tube?
Doesn't this Sound wired and wacky it did sound the same to me as well when i heard of the DasParkHotel which is Located in Ottensheim, Austria & Berne Park

To be Staying is this Hotel you need not have to do much you just have to make a reservation at Daspark by checking there available dates and then you get a secret code for your Tube,The code is valid only till the date you have made reservation for.
You can come and put the code on the code machine located on the door of your tube and then you can enter your tube Suite.

Here you have everything you need in this small room like a bed, some storing space for the clothes and a lamp. All the other facilities – shower, dinner, etc – can be used on the public space, so you have all the basics for a decent stay for a few nights here. That is precisely why they adopted the system “pay as much as you want or can afford to”. But , even if the conditions are a bit austere, the security measures are great and you have a personal access code.

I Personally think this is the most unusual Hotel to Stay in and if got a chance i would really love to stay Here won't You Love too?

Location  & Other details of Berne Park

Related dasparkhotel_bernepark on the island in Emscher bottrop ebel directly on Emscher bike path in one of the Emschergenossenschaft on the basis of the old sewage treatment plant very carefully developed large park.
Five suites in the middle of an extremely complex and varied environment in the operation of the GAFÖG restaurant in the turbine building as a neighbor and partner in terms of cuisine.


Location & Other details of Ottensheim

dasparkhotel lies in Otten's home in Upper Austria at the Danube river close to Linz (from Passau on the Danube to Linz)
The Rodlgelände in Ottensheim is a result of a community this size urban structure with various public institutions, its very idyllic location at the mouth of the Danube Rodl in a very ideal location for a hospitality unit a la dasparkhotel.
More information about the location and infrastructure, see the information sheet for our guests:
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Happy Parking oppz I mean staying........