Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bleed Blu

When you go watching any sort of stadium match or a sport I suggest you should go with friends and company.
Until and unless you don’t have a good company you can’t be away from the boredom and you will defiantly find it irritating when you will go watching a stadium sport alone and I accept for me Monnu and Monali are defiantly required when it comes to enjoyment and  let that be of any sort.
As our angles team is empty without each other or you can say Alfa (Debashree), tango (Monali) &  Charli (Monnu) goes together without saying………
I barely like cricket as a sport but then, when it comes to enjoying with friends I defiantly love all the games. Our Hotel Team mates have recently won the match at the inter hotel cricket championship which we missed visiting.
Last week we received a mail from the human informing about a very interesting match of the winning team and the HOD (Head of the department) of the hotel team.

So We Decided to go watching this time without fail…..

But unfortunately we got late, and when we reached it was almost the end of the second innings :(

But we didn't miss one thing that was clicking picture with the wining team captain :) who lost this match against the HOD's :p

We had great time no doubts to it

Our Winning HOD shows his victory :) while having a jaljeera brought by the hotel team.

Sunshine :)

I don't really know at whom monali is looking at while the captain is clicking the picture

Monali was sleepy I think :p

Finally we got a good click

When we came to the stadium we came from the winning team side but now that the HOD's won we are on there side :p any which ways both the team comes from the same organisation is what we feel......

Sorry for the finger ;)

Girls are doing what I have no idea to it

Monali says stop clicking our pictures

Your highness please be careful while walking is what is Monnu telling to her highness Monali :p and i click the picture

And we go back to work

See you soon!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holi Hai

Holi is festival of colors, festival of love and more over a festival of joy and full on hungama & masti for sure.
Its been a long time that I have gone made over playing Holi but this year I wanted to play Holi big time.

So Mom, Dad & I went a fot the Holi shopping day before Holi and we were ready for the Holi day and i shopped my bit so that  I could prepare my Favorite Holi drink that is bhang, I tell yo the bhang thandai is awful, and it is a must have Holi drink, you must give it a try in your life time and you will only enjoy it when you are all wet with those bucket full of water thrown on you by your friends and then you run after them and make your self that thirsty tired.
If you wish to try out bhang thandai next year you must try this recipe Bhang-thandai-recipe, though i dint use this recipe as I had one of my own signature recipe which probably is liked by all at my place.

Can you see how refreshing a Bhang Thandai Can look......................

Well that's my brother-in-law who has been painted all silver by one of my friend so just to cool him down I have given him Bhang which also brought a smile on his face.

The friend who painted My darling brother-in-law, look what he did to me, complitly made me look like witch

That's my Darling Dadu.

Sr.Witch accompaniess Jr.Witch

Why Would Snowy be an exception on this day :p

Rassagullas for the visitors

We enjoyed a lot :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day with My Sony DSLT Alpha A-37
Photography with my New Sony cam is so cool as you might have read my last blog My Recent purchase, for my recent Passion I promised to come up with my clicks with the cam so that's what I am doing....

Here you go

That's my darling Snowy :)

Those are my balcony garden pot flowers

This is flower of the Sona leaves tree that we use to give on the occasion of Dushra

When I was clicking all this beautiful flowers I saw this bird, So I thought lets click it

The Moment I started clicking it there was one more bird who came and sat beside this first bird and then I noticed something amazing which you can seen in the pics below

The First bird sees Right when the second bird sees right

Then the second bird sees left when the first bird sees left

May be it dint worked between them :p

I then saw this notorious creature who was jumping from here to there

It was time to return back home now as it was about to sunset

Cloud painted orange by The Sun

Good bye and See you soon in a new Day with a new blog!