Friday, July 26, 2013

Mobile in the taking

Mobile in the taking for Monali……….

That’s my sweetheart my bestie Monali its her day today as we go mobile shopping for her :)
She came to pick me up and then we went to pick another bestie of both of us

Here she is, her name is Monnu she is our darling we picked her up and the shopping begins now

We parked our car out the lane as we cant take it inside the small lanes and on our way to the Mobile shop Monnu found the love of here life ;P the Chana chor wala (A hawker)

And we had no option rather than stopping by and buying it for here, can you see the wide Colgate smile on her face for having the Chana chor OMG!

Looking at the smiley face of Monnu, Monali Said ill buy the entire stall for you and can you see how happy Monnu is listening to it :p

That’s the street of Buldi market which is a very famous street market out here, its know for the good street shopping and the mobile shop is just after crossing it.

So Monali finally has taken the new Samsung Galaxy Grand which coasted her 21K, and now she is handing over the old phone's sim card to the shop keeper

We were searching a shop to eat something and this is the way Monnu and Monali always leave me behind

Party time!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a yummy cheese Vada Pav(Which is a bun half sliced and a potato Patty in between it and topped with a slice of cheese which after placing on the hot potato patty was melted on top of it) with coriander chunity and tomato sauce

Enjoying to the core and not letting me click them but I managed to take few

Happy Mobile evening……


  1. Streeeeeeeeeeeet food and friends! Awesome :)

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog earlier!

    1. Thanks sweets i would want all my friends support as i have just started writing my blog :-)