Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old is gold

Old is Gold!!!
It is an old saying but goes so well with all your old memories which you preserve somewhere
in your heart and sometimes in the pictures too as I have did.
I got all my favorite old pictures scanned which were taken in the late 80’s.
During that time digital camera were not at all affordable and were rear to find too,
Mom & dad got most of there pictures clicked at the old style studios where they use to get
the pictures almost after two to three days time as the process of developing the pictures use
to take lot of time it wasn't at all like it is today, you get your pictures printed in minutes after it
is clicked as it is all digital now.

So lets begin the tour to my little old treasure.

That’s my super hero my darling dad when he just graduated, can you see that big collars which are now again trading as well as the geek glasses.

That’s my super stare Mom when she just graduated.

This picture is made to order by my dad to gift my mom I really don't know what was the occasion but love birds really don't require an occasion to gift each other is what I feel ;)
This is a little worn as it’s a very old picture which mom had treasured in her diary.

That’s the bride to be, my mom looks so different in each picture

World's most beautiful and lovely couple Mr. & Mrs. Das and my adorable parents 
This is there first picture ever together right after marriage.

Now this is their first colour picture together

That’s my elder sister when she was two and a half years (and I was on my way ;p) when this picture was clicked at a studio, right after getting out of the cinema hall (There were no multiplexes at that time :p)

Here I come, that’s my first picture ever and that’s my first birthday gift, this picture is clicked on my first birthday :)

That’s the first picture clicked by our first own camera.
We had a Canon film camera and that’s me holding the camera pouch.

Oh! This one is my all time favorite picture, that’s me holding a ‘Mechanical Robot’ gifted to me by dad which he brought from Mumbai.

Now that’s me and my sis together. This picture is clicked at a studio.

Mom dad after they decorated the house, as it was my elder sister's birthday, you can see the decoration in the picture.

These pictures are clicked on mom dad’s anniversary day and it is clicked at a studio because we all went for dinner together and then we went to the studio for getting our pictures clicked and mostly on mom dad’s anniversary day we use to go to the studio for getting our pictures clicked as there use to be the camera man who had lights and other set-up  so we use to get good pictures.

Family portrait me dad mom and my elder sis with her shirt's selves up to show off her watch, which she really loved to do :p

This picture is taken at a picnic sport called as Ambakhori which is around 90 KM from Nagpur

These are clicked at Rourkela which is located in Orissa or Odisha

These pictures are again taken at a studio as it was mom dad’s anniversary day!

Happy Family!

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